Human body detector


PURPOSE: To surely discriminate the intrusion of a human body by having total ≥3 detecting sensors disposed along the two direction; the moving direction and height direction of the human body and previously set recognition patterns for detecting the human body. CONSTITUTION: A program 6 judges that detection signals are not the detection of the human body by the recognition patterns for human body detection stored in a memory 4 if the signals are not simultaneously outputted within a specified period of time when the detection signals of a prescribed level are inputted form the detecting sensor 2c to a computer device 3. The program distinguishes the intrusion of the human body or not by discriminating whether there are the outputs from the detecting sensor 2c or not within the specified time when the detection signals are simultaneously outputted from the detecting sensors 2a, 2b. Namely, the recognition patterns for human body detection are previously set by the output order of the respective sensors relating to the moving direction and the height direction and the human body is exactly detected by comparing these patterns and the actual patterns of the sensor outputs. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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