Treatment of program extension


PURPOSE: To simplify the operation of an operator and to shorten processing time by executing program extension processing with one command processing. CONSTITUTION: Out of program sending control data D1-D6, D2-D5 are data to be shifted. After the command processing is executed, the data D2-D5 are shifted for 5 minutes and made into data D2a-D5a, and extending program Am-nn data are inserted into the period from 20°05'00" to 20°10'00". However, since control data for 20°10'00" do not exist in the data to be inserted, the control data for this time become the data D2a obtained by shifting the program sending control data D2 for 5 minutes. Thus, the operation of the operator can be simplified, and the processing time can be shortened. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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