Calibration device for shape sensor


PURPOSE: To automatically calibrate the position of an optical axis and to perform calibration for a short time by setting a shape sensor on a reference base. CONSTITUTION: By irradiating a screen 8 opposed to the shape sensor 1 mounted on the reference base 7 with a luminous flux from the sensor 1, the position of the irradiating point on the screen 8 by the luminous flux is detected by an area sensor 17, accompanied with the forward and backward movement of the screen 8 by a screen moving means 13. An optical axis position adjusting means changes the angle of the reflecting mirror 4 of the sensor 1 and adjusts the position of the optical axis of the luminous flux so as not to move the position of the irradiating point detected at the positions where the screen 8 is close to and far from the sensor 1 on the screen 8. Since the position of the optical axis is automatically calibrated just by setting the sensor 1 on the reference base 7, the calibration is always performed for a short time based on a specified reference. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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