Structure of transmitting force

  • Inventors: OYAMA HIDEMI
  • Assignees: Fujita Corp
  • Publication Date: July 09, 1990
  • Publication Number: JP-H02176232-A


PURPOSE: To cause vibrating forces above a preset value to scarcely be transmitted to structures by interposing saturated particles between the structures to which forces are to be transmitted, the particles being held in their saturated or almost saturated state by a liquid. CONSTITUTION: A container 1 to be fixed to a structure A is filled with saturated particles 2 consisting of glass beads, or sands of more than a certain grain size and held in their saturated or almost saturated state by a liquid such as water, and a highly rigid tubular body 3 provided integrally with and perpendicular to the other structure B is inserted into the saturated particles 2 while in a suspended state; when the structure A receives vibrating forces greater than a preset value, the saturated particles 2 in the container 1 are therefore liquefied and then resistance that the tubular body 3 receives is suddenly decreased, so that vibrating forces are scarcely transmitted to the other structure B; the effect of isolating vibration can thus be achieved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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