Device for hauling fishery net


PURPOSE: To carry out the hauling operation of whatever kind of hauled object with high efficiency by providing a housing, a first supporting body, a second supporting body, an interlocked driving means, a first guide means, and a second guide means. CONSTITUTION: As a third motor 20 rotates a driving shaft 34, worm wheel segments 37, 38 which are engaged with worms 35, 36 are moved along slotted holes 39, 40, respectively. Since the threads of the worms 35, 36 are mutually in reverse directions, the segments 37 and 38 are moved in the reverse directions. Since a first supporting body 24 is in a body with the segment 37 via linking shafts 41 and a second supporting body 25 is in a body with the segment 38 via linking shafts 42, the supporting bodies 24, 25 are moved along circular tracks centering around the center points D, E of spherical elastic bodies 14, 15, respectively. Hence, rotary shafts 16, 17 are inclined with the center points D, E as the centers respectively. The core-to-core distance F between the center points D, E is constant. Accordingly, the area of the pressure contact portion between the elastic bodies 14 and 15 is always constant enabling a stable operation. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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