Image forming device


PURPOSE: To prevent sheets from dropping and scattering even after a mobile portion is opened by storing the sheets between the mobile portion and a discharge tray when the discharge tray is placed on the mobile portion. CONSTITUTION: The sheet where a picture has been fixed by a fixing device is guided to a discharge roller 25 by a flapper, and is discharged and stored between a tray 22 for discharged sleets positioned at a closed position E and the exterior surface of the mobile portion 2b by one of a pair of rollers 25. When the sheets are jammed during moving, an operator rotates the mobile 2b of a machine body 2 in an arrow direction. By this, a sheet carrying passage is opened to remove jammed sheets easily. At this time, the tray 22 for discharged sheets rotates together with the mobile 2b to prevent the sheets stored between the tray 22 and the exterior surface from dropping and scattering. Then the mobile portion 2b is rotated counter-clockwise to return it to a prescribed position, completing a treatment for jamming. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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