Method for removing asbestos dust


PURPOSE: To efficiently remove asbestos dust by isolating an asbestos-contg. material from the external air with a sheet, and filling the space with atomized water. CONSTITUTION: The sheet 12 is in the form of a bag having the volume identical to that of a room, and the edge of the bag as the opening is fixed to the upper edge of an upright wall 10 directly below the ceiling to which an asbestos-contg. material 1 is adhered. An operator enters the room through a sealed shutter 14, and roughly removes the material on the ceiling. Although asbestos dust is generated by the operator, fine water particles are blown up from an atomizer nozzle 2 to fill the room. As a result, all the dust suspending in the closed space is adsorbed on the fine water particles, and dropped to the bottom of the sheet 12 as rain drops. By this method, air pollution is efficiently prevented at a low cost. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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