Pulse motor


PURPOSE:To eliminate expensive permanent magnet by feeding specific AC currents respectively to control coils wound in same direction by same turns around two sheets of stator members. CONSTITUTION:Two sheets of stator members 11, 12 are fixed to housing com posed of magnetic material, then control coils 9, 10 are wound in same direction by same turns. A rotor 2 comprising rotor cores 21, 22 is arranged at the tips of the stator members 11, 12 through gaps 6, 7. Teeth 1 are provided at the tips of the stator members 11, 12 while teeth 21 are provided to the rotor cores 2i, 22 with same pitch as the teeth 11, where the teeth of the cores 21 and 22 are shifted by half pitch. AC currents I1{I1=I0(1+sinomegat)}, I2{I2=I0(1-sinomegat)} are fed from a current control means to the control coils 9, 10. Assuming the inductance of the control coil is L, flux produced in the gaps 6 and 7 are added at one hand and subtracted at the other hand. By such arrangement, expensive permanent magnet for producing bias flux is not required.




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