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PURPOSE: To easily make an excellent-contrast nonlighting type display at a wide visual field angle without energy consumption by providing an optical modulation member which has specific variation on the lighting surface of a lighting type display device. CONSTITUTION: The high polymer gel 10 of a member which shifts in phase with a light beam or heat ray in a dyestuff-mixed solvent 5 between transparent substrates 6 and 7 corresponding to a picture element 8 in an illuminating state and a picture element 9 in a dark state in the lighting type display device 7 shrinks with light and light from the picture element 8 is cut off by the solvent 5, so that the color of the solvent 5 can be seen. The high polymer gel 11, on the other hand, swells to occupy the space between the substrates 4 and 6 and remove the solvent 5, and consequently the dark-state picture element 9 can be seen through the gel 11, thereby easily making the excellent-contrast nonlighting display which suits to visual data terminal operation at the wide visual field angle without energy consumption. Further, the same effect is obtained even when an optical modulating member which changes in color or solubility is used. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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