Stereo headphone driving device


PURPOSE: To adjust boosting quantity in a low band and to make it difficult to generate a distortion by providing a stereo headphone driving device with one variable resistor to vary the level of the output signal of a low-pass filter, which is used as a phase adjuster in common, and input the varied output signal to a third power amplifier. CONSTITUTION: When a mixed signal (c) of the respective outputs of buffers 12L and 12R is passed through a low-pass filter/180° and phase inverter 11, the phase of the signal (c) is shifted at 180°, and the phase of output signals (d), d', and (e) of the low-pass filter/180° and phase inverter 11 becomes the opposite phase to the phase of the mixed signal (c). Consequently, in a boosting band (low band), the sum of a level absolute value in respective output signals (b) and b' of first and second power amplifiers 8 and 9 and another level absolute value in an output signal (e) of the third power amplifier 10 is to be applied to both edges of respective speaker units 1L and 1R of a stereo headphone 1, and low-band boosting can be attained. Further, a signal level at the input side of the third power amplifier 10 can be adjusted only with 61 variable resistors having the low band boosting quantity. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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