Surface packing method for electronic component


PURPOSE:To improve a circuit board in packaging density by a method wherein two or more lead wires are bent to form linear parts parallel to the circuit board, and a different electric component is arranged in a packaging space formed between a component main body and its lead wires. CONSTITUTION:Lead wires 12 of an electrolytic condenser 11 provided with lead wires are bent in a direction at a right angle with a lead out direction of the lead wires from a condenser main body 11a to form linear parts parallel to the surface of a board 15 so as to be surface-mounted on the board 15 keeping a specified space between the lead wires 12 and the condenser main body 11a. A soldering conductor pattern 14 of a second component 13 is provided to a position where the tip linear part of the lead wire 12 is mounted as a first component, paste solder is previously applied onto the electrode of the conductor pattern 14, and the leadless second component 13 is mounted thereon. Then, the first component 11 is surface-mounted and connected to the board 15. By this setup, the first component 11 and the second component 13 are packaged crossing each other on a circuit pattern, so that a circuit board can be improved in packaging density.




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