Control type engine mount


PURPOSE:To reduce vibration input into a vehicle body efficiently according to variation in vibration condition for each vehicle by controlling a voltage to be impressed on an electrode orifice in accordance with three conditions based on the movement of a vehicle body, movement of a power unit, and movement of fluid in the electrode orifice. CONSTITUTION:When vibration is input, a volume in a main fluid chamber d is varied and an electric rheology fluid contained in the chamber d is moved between the chamber d and a sub-fluid chamber f through an electrode orifice e. Flowing condition of the electric rheology fluid is varied by controlling the voltage impressed on the orifice e to vary the transmitting condition of vibration on an engine mount. The voltage to be impressed on the orifice e is controlled by a control means j functioning in accordance with the first to the third conditions: the fist condition determining the moving direction of a vehicle body a and a power unit b in accordance with the data detected by a vehicle body movement detection means g, power unit movement detection means h and orifice fluid movement detection means i, the second condition determining the amount of speed of the fluid in the orifice, and the third condition determining the amount of displacement speed of the vehicle body a.




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