Low pressure discharge lamp


PURPOSE: To prevent electrification for obtaining a discharge lamp having little adsorption of floating dust by coating the glass bulb outside with a light transmitting conductive film. CONSTITUTION: The outside of a glass bulb 1 is coated with a light transmitting conductive film 6. The film 6 is formed by properly mixing a lightreflecting or light transmitting conductive material such as tin oxide, indium oxide with light transmitting resin such as polyethylenetelephtalate, or by applying to the surface of transparent resin while having resistance value of scores of KΩ to several MΩ. When this fluorescent lamp is high-frequency lighted, static electricity is generated on the surface of the film 6 by electromagnetic induction of high-frequency discharge, however, since the film 6 has proper conductivity being in an earthed state, generated static electricity is discharged so that floating dust in the atmosphere is not adsorbed by the film 6. Accordingly, even lighting for long hours causes almost no light flux deterioration due to dust adhesion. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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