Driving system for printer


PURPOSE: To contrive a reduction in the number of component parts including a sensor for detecting a press and release positions of a thermal head and provide a small-type, light and inexpensive driving system for a printer by driving a head-driving system and a carriage-driving system appropriately by a single driving power source. CONSTITUTION: The rotation of a motor 30 before a thermal head 5 is set into a head-down condition is transmitted also to a forward/reverse rotation output system 35 for driving a carriage. However, pairs of projections 58a, 59a, and 58b, 59b of an idle gear 57 and a driving gear 13 are disengaged from each other, so that the driving gear 13 is not rotated, and a carriage 4 is not moved. When the motor 30 is rotated further in the same direction after the head 5 is set into the head-down condition, the pairs of projections 58a, 59a and 58b, 59b of the idle gear 57 and the driving gear 13 are engaged with each other, so that the forward rotation of the idle gear 57 is transmitted to the driving gear 13, and the carriage 4 is moved rightward (in a carry direction). COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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