Optical disk erasing system


PURPOSE: To surely preserve necessary data of adjacent tracks of a track or segment to be erased by saving the recorded data of the adjacent tracks to another substituting area on the same optical disk. CONSTITUTION: Erasure check circuits 21 and 22 connected with a reproduction circuit 20, drive device logic circuits 23 and 24, and optical disk controlling section 25 are operated as part of erasing operations and, when an erasure disabled track is detected, substituting operations are performed. In this case the substituting area for the adjacent tracks of the n-th or (n+14)-th track is assigned to a prefixed place, namely, to the outermost track T n under the designation of an optical disk controlling section 25. Therefore, wrong erasure of the adjacent tracks can be prevented and the data of the adjacent tracks can be preserved surely. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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