Rapid method of collating condition


PURPOSE: To rapidly collate conditions by once converting a set of conditions into another set of new conditions, executing collating processing in the set of new conditions and analysing and storing relation between the new conditions and unconverted old conditions. CONSTITUTION: A set 41 of conditions satisfied when the value of a variable 11 is included in respective divided areas 22 is found out in each divided area 22 by using an exclusive area condition validity table to form a new condition/ old condition conversion table 40. The value of the variable 11 is read out from a storage device 3, an external reader 4 or a terminal equipment 2 and a set 25 of new conditions is collated by using a two-divided searching method to decide the formation of the new conditions. Then, the existence of the old conditions in the formed new conditions is found out by using the table 40 to decide the existence of formed old conditions, and if no formed old condition exists, the processing is ended. When one or more old conditions exist, the processing of an execution part corresponding to the formed condition is executed and the preceding processing is repeated. Thus, rapid condition collation is attained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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