Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit device


PURPOSE: To obtain a metal wiring free from voids and having high reliability by a method wherein a reaction chamber is evacuated and a high temperature plasma region is formed and the metal wiring layer is formed on a semiconductor substrate kept at a high temperature by sputtering. CONSTITUTION: A predetermined voltage is applied between the plasma beam source 12 and facing electrode 14 of an evacuated reaction chamber 22 to form a high temperature plasma region 26. The temperature of a semiconductor substrate 48 placed on a turning sample substrate 18 becomes higher than the melting point of metal such as aluminum of a metal wiring 56 formed on a barrier metal 58. In this state, positive-charged argon ions are produced from argon gas introduced from the beam source 12 into the region 26 and collide against a target 20 to which a voltage negative against an electrode 14 to sputter out component molecules and atoms. Moreover, the metal wiring 56 is heated from the rear by the substrate whose surface temperature is totally kept constant by turning it, so that a highly reliable metal wiring 56 which is free from voids in connection hole 54. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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