Fused spherical silica and sealing resin composition using the same


PURPOSE: To improve suppressing effects on fluidity and flash by containing specific fused spherical silica in the sealing resin composition. CONSTITUTION: Silica, having ≤5ppm electrically conductive impurity content, ≤1ppb α-radioactive impurity content, 10-30μm average particle diameter and containing 8-30wt.% fine part having ≤3μm particle diameter, 5-30wt.% part of coarse particle diameter having ≤48μm particle diameter and 0.65-1.10 tilting angle in a Rosin-Rammler chart in a particle size distribution of 8μm and 64μm particle diameter is fused and sphered to afford a silica filler consisting of fused spherical silica. The resultant silica filler in an amount of 60-85wt.% is then blended with a resin (e.g. epoxy resin), a curing agent (e.g. phenolic resin), a curing accelerator (e.g. BF), etc., to afford a sealing resin composition. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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