Hydraulic controller for automatic transmission


PURPOSE: To prevent any response delay from occurring by overshooting a command value from a desired command value as much as a quantity conformed to oil temperature when this command value for a hydraulic controlling solenoid is changed, and afterward putting it back to the desired command value. CONSTITUTION: When a controlling computer changes a command value for a hydraulic controlling solenoid, for example, when a driving current value I 1 is changed to a desired value I 2 , it overshoots the command value temporarily from the desired command value I 2 and then puts it back to this value I 2 . Here a degree of this overshoot, namely, an overshoot rate or overshoot time is set according to oil temperature being detected by an oil temperature detecting means. Thus, hydraulic pressure is always controllable with proper response speed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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