Execution of coping made of artificial marble


PURPOSE: To simplify the installation work for a coping by fixing the coping made of artificial marble which is previously molded into a necessary shape onto the top edge of an erected wall through an adhesive in dumpling form. CONSTITUTION: The surface of the top edge B of an erected wall A to be execution-carried out is cleaned. Then, an adhesive agent is prepared by mixing an agitating the crushed stones, synthetic resin, hardening agent, etc., in the same compounding to that of the molding material for a coping 1 made of artificial marble, and the blocks 2 which are prepared by forming adhesive agent into dumpling form are arranged, keeping an intervals of 20-30cm, onto the surface of the top edge B of the cleaned erected wall A. Then, the coping 1 made of artificial marble is placed from over the block 2, and lightly pressed from the above. In this state, the adhesive agent is left at the normal temperature for about one hour, and then the adhesive agent is perfectly hardened. Therefore, the coping 1 can be strongly installed onto the top edge B of the erected wall A. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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