Production of water absorbing polyurethane foam


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject foam, having elasticity, excellent in absorbing and holding performance for aqueous liquids and useful as disposable diapers, etc., by blending a polyether polyol with polyethylene glycol in a specific proportion. CONSTITUTION: (A) A polyether polyol having an average molecular weight within the range of 1500-15000 and 40-90wt.% content of polyoxyethylene units and (B) a polyol, consisting of polyethylene glycol having an average molecular weight within the range of 300-12000 at a weight ratio of the components (A) to (B) within the range of (85:15)-(15:85) are used as a polyol to provide the objective foam by a one-shot method. Furthermore, a bifunctional polyether polyol is preferably used as the component (A). COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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