Thermoelectric transducer module


PURPOSE: To avoid an electric source short circuit, insulation defects and performance degradation caused by dewing of a thermoelectric transducer module by a method wherein thermally expanding beat insulating resin is applied to a ceramic board to fill spaces between the thermoelectric transducers. CONSTITUTION: Thermoelectric transducers 1 are placed on cream solder applied to conducting plates 2. The conducting plates 2 and electric terminals 4 are fixed to a ceramic board 3. At that time, thermally expanding heat insulating resin is applied onto the ceramic board 3 and between the thermoelectric transducers 1 and, after a thermoelectric transducer module is assembled, heated in a furnace or the like to make its volume expand. Further, if thermally expanding heat insulating resin whose volume is made to expand at a temperature lower than a melting point of solder is applied to fill spaces between the thermoelectric transducers and then the other ceramic board 3 to which cream solder is applied is put on the former ceramic board 3 and soldering between the thermoelectric transducer 1 and the conducting plates 2 is performed while a weight is applied to the ceramic boards 3, the expansion of the thermally expanding heat insulating resin and soldering can be performed in a same process. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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