Production of smooth microporous grain side with mechanical strength imparted thereto


PURPOSE: To obtain the subject artificial leather, having high moisture permeability and excellent in smoothness with mechanical strength by applying a specific mixture solution containing a polyurethane elastomer onto a smooth mold release belt, superposing a substrate wetted with water thereon, wet heating and coagulating the resultant material. CONSTITUTION: A mixture solution prepared by adding 1-4wt.% surfactant (e.g., nonionic surfactant) to a solution consisting essentially of a polyurethane elastomer in a water-miscible organic solvent is applied onto a smooth mold releasable belt. On surface of a substrate (e.g., woven or knit fabric consisting of natural or synthetic fiber) wetted with water is then superposed thereon and heating is carried out from the other surface to coagulate the above- mentioned elastomer with saturated steam generated in the aforementioned substrate. The resultant superposed sheet is then removed from the mold releasable belt, washed with water and dried to afford an artificial leather having smooth thin-layer microporous grain side. The obtained leather is pliable and has both abrasion resistance and flex resistance performance. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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