Bonding of ceramics


PURPOSE: To quickly bond ceramic parts at a high strength by diffusing and bonding an alumina-containing composite ceramic under specific temperature, pressing stress, straining rate and crystal size. CONSTITUTION: An alumina-containing composite ceramic is bonded by diffusing at 1000-1600°C, a pressing stress of ≤15kg/mm 2 , a straining rate of ≤10 -3 /sec and an alumina crystal size of ≤3μm. The bonding technique is applicable to the bonding of alumina/zirconia composite ceramics with each other, the above ceramics wherein one or both components are high-strength composite ceramics, alumina and alumina/zirconia composite ceramic, zirconia and alumina/zirconia composite ceramic, alumina and a composite ceramic containing whisker or fiber, etc. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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