Cooking apparatus


PURPOSE: To assure the good finish of cooking even if the temperature lowers due to interruption of heating by setting the heating condition of the restart of heating in accordance with the temperature at the time of the restart. CONSTITUTION: The 'Broiled chicken leg' key 4a on the keyboard 4, for instance, is pressed and then the 'Start' key 4b is pressed. If the temperature T 0 in the heating chamber 1 detected by a thermistor 3 is lower than 130°C, the heater 2 is operated for the first and second heating times t 1 , t 2 respectively set at 16 minutes and 7 minutes, and, 15 minutes and 6 minutes if the temperature is higher than that. When the first heating is down, the heater 2 is stopped and a buzzer sounded, or a display is shown on the indicator 6 to warn the stop of heating. When the door of the heating chamber 1 is opened and closed after overturning the chicken leg, and the 'Start' key 4b is pressed, the heating is resumed. If the temperature T 1 in the heating chamber detected by the thermistor 3 is higher than 130°C at the time of resuming the heating, the second heating time will be 7 minutes or 6 minutes same as t 2 set before the first heating, but if the temperature is lower than 130°C, one minute is added to make the total of 8 minutes or 7 minutes. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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