Growth accelerator for cultured laver


PURPOSE: To obtain a growth accelerator for cultured laver, as the damage of the cultivated laver by disease-causative microorganisms and other sea weeds is prevented, by admixing phosphate salt, nitrate salt, organic acid and saccharides to a solution mainly composed of sulfur-containing amino acids. CONSTITUTION: The subject laver growth accelerator is obtained by addling, as nutrients for cultivated laver, phosphate salt, nitrate salt, organic acid and saccharide to a solution mainly composed of sulfur-containing amino acids. The nets for laver cultivation are dipped in the solution and used in the cultivation whereby the sulfur-containing amino acids are directly absorbed into the laver cells to grow and strengthen them. Simultaneously the nutrients of nitrate salt and phosphate salt are given to the laver to accelerate the growth. The organic acid makes the solution of the sulfur containing amino acids weakly acidic to prevent green laver from sticking to the nets. Further, the organic acid can kill the microorganism causative of red rotting in the cultivated laver, and control other sea weeds whereby the growth of laver is helped and the quality is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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