Harvester of ginger or the like


PURPOSE: To shorten whole length of harvester, to improve performance of small turn, to bend stem culm during transportation and to pull and harvest long stem culm crops by storing a pulling device in a space part at the central part in the transportation direction as the longitudinal direction. CONSTITUTION: A pulling device 3 is stored in a transportation direction as a longitudinal direction in a space part 7 passed through in the longitudinal direction formed in the center of a machine body 1. Therefore, when stem culm is transferred through the space part 7 during transportation, stem culm of crop is bent and even long stem culm crops can be pulled and harvested without enlarging the whole length of harvester. Since the pulling device 3 is stored in the space part 7, the whole length of harvester is made relatively short and a harvester has excellent performance of small turn. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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