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JP-H02131154-A: Centrifuge separator for biocells and cell separation patent, JP-H02131460-A: Overbased sulfonate and its use as additive patent, JP-H02131517-A: Harvester of ginger or the like patent, JP-H02131530-A: Growth accelerator for cultured laver patent, JP-H02131774-A: Respiratory oscillation generator in artificial respiratory organs patent, JP-H02132349-A: Flow cell device patent, JP-H02132714-A: Terminal connecting device for pullout type breaker patent, JP-H02133713-A: Cooking apparatus patent, JP-H02135100-A: Detection of specific nucleic acid sequence patent, JP-H02136261-A: Printer patent, JP-H0213627-A: Laterally pulling construction patent, JP-H02136481-A: Key having locking release storage display function patent, JP-H02136686-A: Control device for drawer vessel for refrigerator patent, JP-H02137388-A: Integration-type semiconductor laser patent, JP-H02137777-A: Bonding of ceramics patent, JP-H02138262-A: Novel medically active 1,2,3,4,4a,5,10,10a-octahydro-benzo(g)quinoline derivative patent, JP-H02138459-A: Laminated hard material and production thereof patent, JP-H02139223-A: Method of laminating thermoplastic resin member patent, JP-H02139483-A: Production of smooth microporous grain side with mechanical strength imparted thereto patent, JP-H02139653-A: Bus occupation control system patent, JP-H02139977-A: Thermoelectric transducer module patent, JP-H02139992-A: Manufacture of multilayer interconnection patent, JP-H02140216-A: Production of water absorbing polyurethane foam patent, JP-H02140355-A: Execution of coping made of artificial marble patent, JP-H02140580-A: Drain draining device for refrigerating showcase patent, JP-H02141682-A: Flip-flop test circuit patent, JP-H02141754-A: Positive/negative type photosensitive planographic printing plate and production of planographic printing plate by using this plate patent, JP-H02142354-A: Power unit patent, JP-H02142966-A: Hydraulic controller for automatic transmission patent, JP-H02143138-A: Thermal shock testing device patent, JP-H02143525-A: Etchant preparation patent, JP-H02144584-A: Developing device patent, JP-H02145084-A: Video signal processing circuit patent, JP-H02145304-A: Manufacture of pellet for molding fiber-reinforced resin article patent, JP-H02145416-A: Fused spherical silica and sealing resin composition using the same patent, JP-H02145969-A: Method and apparatus for diluting specimen in direct type electrolyte analyzing apparatus patent, JP-H02148722-A: Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H02149320-A: Module for rigid cylindrical membrane element for separation, filtration or catalytic transformation patent, JP-H02151973-A: Rapid method of collating condition patent, JP-H02152393-A: Push-button dial telephone system patent, JP-H02152409-A: Shelf with moisture regulating function patent, JP-H02152756-A: Detecting device for tool contact of ultrasonic machine patent, JP-H02154324-A: Optical disk erasing system patent, JP-H02154790-A: Set position stopping device for sewing machine patent, JP-H02155679-A: Driving system for printer patent, JP-H02158050-A: Low pressure discharge lamp patent, JP-H02158533-A: Sheet feeding device for image forming device patent, JP-H02159437-A: Control type engine mount patent, JP-H02159791-A: Surface packing method for electronic component patent, JP-H02160760-A: N-substituted mercaptopropanamide derivative patent, JP-H02160984-A: Deinking of waste paper patent, JP-H02162739-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H02163335-A: Electrode for spark plug patent, JP-H02163643-A: Sample positioning device of x-ray stress measuring instrument patent, JP-H02165314-A: Input device patent, JP-H02165798-A: Stereo headphone driving device patent, JP-H02166871-A: Paging response system patent, JP-H02167827-A: Thin-film superconductor patent, JP-H02168034-A: Self-energizing disc brakes patent, JP-H02168254-A: Photosensitive material processing device patent, JP-H0216858-A: Integrated voice data work station patent, JP-H02168759-A: Fault annunciator patent, JP-H02169301-A: Spare tire patent, JP-H02170138-A: Display converter patent, JP-H0217046-A: Ultrasonic doppler blood flowmeter patent, JP-H0217069-A: Sterilizing method and sterilized package patent, JP-H02170926-A: Manufacture of sintered ore patent, JP-H02171618-A: Method and device for monitoring vibration of turbine rotary part patent, JP-H02174461-A: Reader patent, JP-H02174548-A: Pulse motor patent, JP-H0217485-A: Tracking filter patent, JP-H02174911-A: Method for removing asbestos dust patent, JP-H02174996-A: Mixer for sludge of aeration tank patent, JP-H0217538-A: Document preparing device patent, JP-H02175557-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H02175566-A: Device for hauling fishery net patent, JP-H02176227-A: Antivibration isolator patent, JP-H02176232-A: Structure of transmitting force patent, JP-H02176510-A: Calibration device for shape sensor patent, JP-H02177674-A: Treatment of program extension patent, JP-H02180382-A: One-way valve device patent, JP-H0218107-A: Pneumatic radial tyre excellent in bead part durability patent, JP-H02181475-A: Solar battery cell and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H02182810-A: Production of low-carbon ferrochromium powder patent, JP-H02183047-A: Sleeve fixture patent, JP-H02183101-A: Position detector patent, JP-H02183781-A: Method for preventing occurrence of incomplete ice in ice making machine patent, JP-H0218566-A: Device for adjusting volume of developing solution of plate making machine patent, JP-H02186010-A: Burying device for cylindrical body patent, JP-H02186119-A: X-ray tube rotating anode patent, JP-H02187413-A: Molding composition of diacetylene compound patent, JP-H02187457-A: Resin composition for blow molding patent, JP-H02187957-A: Assembly type magnetic tape device patent, JP-H0218821-A: Switch input circuit patent, JP-H02188526-A: Pharmaceutical composition for treating tumor patent, JP-H02189618-A: Improved position indicator for digital computer patent, JP-H02190033-A: Parallel processing type transversal equalizer patent, JP-H02190323-A: Manufacture of belt provided with blocks patent, JP-H02191673-A: Etherified fluoresceine compound patent, JP-H02192368-A: Waveform equalizer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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